Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will the urn float?
30 Seconds - 2 minutes. The large urns tend to float longer than the small urns. Keep in mind each float time will vary depending on environmental factors such as wind and tides.

How does it work?
Our urns are designed to be a temporary expression of beauty, one that fades and is incorporated back into the ecosystem from which it came. You can release into calming waters or plant in the ground. Instructions and a biodegradable bag are included with each urn.

Is it suitable for water and ground burials?
Yes. They are 100% Sustainably made from pure cotton, sugar cane, and other non-toxic biodegradable materials. The eco-friendly materials will serve to nourish the earth and enrich the local ecosystem.

Do you offer Express Shipping?
Yes, at checkout you will find Express Shipping options.

How long does the Free Ground Shipping take?
We ship USPS Parcel post 6-9 post days. However, within CA is usually 2-5 days.

Do I need to assemble the urn when it arrives?
No, each urn comes fully bloomed and assembled.

What if I want more than one urn for my loved one?
The Small Urns are wonderful to hold partial ashes. We recommend one Medium or Large and 2-3 Small Urns for a complete ceremony package.

How long does it take for the urn to dissolve?
It can take up to a week for Mother Earth to fully do her work at sea or for planting. However, the bio-bag that holds the ashes will dissolve in water within 1-2 minutes allowing the ashes to slowly settle back into the earth. The bio-bag is there to protect the ashes while transporting.

Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, at checkout you will find International shipping options.

I have a question may I contact you?
Of course, we're here to help and assist the best we can.